General counsel, Yeda Research & Development Co. Ltd.

"Academic technology licensing - best practices in a disparate and developing legal environment"

Today’s technology transfer professional is tasked not only with matching a technology with a licensee and negotiating royalty rates. Complex technologies, inter-institutional collaboration and multi-layered royalties must increasingly be reconciled with judicial rulings and public policy legislation, necessitating an equally sophisticated toolbox of creative contractual solutions.
This session will survey the winding journey of the academic technology transfer license, from the relationship with the inventor and partner institutions and accommodation of government and NGO funding variables, through the determination of optimal royalty structures accounting for technology types and legal restrictions, and finally post-contractual adjustments addressing future developments.
Highlighted issues will include inter-institutional material transfers, restrictions on post-patent expiration royalties, and discovery tool licensing.

Aaron Jaffe is general counsel of Yeda Research & Development Co. Ltd., the technology transfer entity of the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel. Prior to joining Yeda in 2016, Aaron served as general counsel of two publicly-traded technology companies and as an attorney in a leading Tel Aviv firm. Aaron is licensed to practice law in New York and Israel, and received a LL.B (bachelor of laws) from Tel Aviv University law school.